Hear What People Are Saying

Great product! I love the butterscotch flavor and plan to try more flavors for my next purchase. I have never come across flavored colloidal silver and would highly recommend this product!!

-Rob V.

I tend to travel a lot, and it never fails, 5-10 days after I get home, I come down with something. I would have a sinus infection, sore throat, or some other ailment, that would remain for days, or even weeks. I tried immune boosters before flying and they never worked. I made sure I was hydrated, and that never worked. It became so bad, that I dreaded getting on a plane, for fear I knew I would get sick. I am cognizant of my health, I attend the gym on a regular basis, and are mindful of what I eat, so there should be no reason of getting sick every time I fly.

I was introduced to Colloidal Silver and thought I would give it a try. I’m glad I did, not only have I remained healthy after flying, but I didn’t even get sick through the flu season this year. Every morning, after I wake up I pour a 1 ounce glass of Lectra Labs CS to remain healthy. When I start to feel stuffed up, or get a sore throat, I take an extra ounce at night, and make sure to gargle it for a few seconds, which immediately relieves the sore throat.

This is definitely one daily task I never forget to do. I’m grateful to have found Lectra Labs Colloidal Silver

-Matt R.

Definitely the best purest silver available, I’ll never order from another company!

-Brian B.

Cashmere Hands is out of this world! I absolutely hate greasy lotion, but unfortunately my hands split like crazy in the winter so I am forced to use lotion. This hand cream dries in a matter of seconds and works phenomenally!! Highly, highly recommended!

-Bob V.