About Lectra Labs

Lectra Labs was created seven years ago when our Golden Retriever was diagnosed with Lymphoma. It was one of the most devastating moments of my life. She was oh so gentle and starving for love, since we were her third home and family. I felt helpless to see her suffer. I began adding Colloidal Silver to her water. Needless to say the effort was too little too late, we lost her. I knew the benefits of Colloidal Silver, however the cancer protocols using CS were few and far between for dogs at the time. I made a vow that this would never happen again to any of my best four legged friends, hence Lectra Labs was born.

The internet is overflowing with makers of Colloidal Silver, some with fancy packaging, some with clever wording and others with just regurgitated research from other sites. Lectra Labs is different from all the others, in that we have created a premium quality Colloidal Silver from the ground up. We gave it personality thru taste, something others choose not to explore. We didn’t feel it should have the metallic aftertaste. In short we re-invented Colloidal Silver while maintaining its premium quality and integrity. We chose not to decorate the bottle with a fancy label. We wanted Lectra Labs CS to last for years, so we packaged it in amber glass bottles. We protect it with a tamper proof shrink wrap around the cap. Everything we have done as well as the Colloidal Silver inside the bottle has been thought out for your benefit and protection.

Our mission is simple; make the finest Colloidal Silver anywhere, make it taste better than any others, because offering choices in flavors as well as preference of flavor are what we demand of ourselves as well as making it last for years. All these choices make Lectra Labs Colloidal Silver the safest and highest quality Colloidal Silver you can buy at any price.

Lectra Labs is the biggest little company you will ever find. Big in that we are not just another manufacturer of Colloidal Silver, we consider ourselves as visionaries of what Colloidal Silver can be beyond today. Little because we will never become so absorbed that we forget your needs and our four legged friends that look to us for their health and safety. The health and welfare of family is first and foremost.

Creativity and a dedication to safety and quality is what separates Lectra Labs from most others. You have heard of cookie cutter houses, well the majority of Colloidal Silver manufactures are just cookie cutters. At Lectra Labs we won’t settle for what others have copied. We create, we innovate, and we will never take our eye off the possibilities of creating a better, more palatable creation.