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Our Colloidal Silver products are made right here in the U.S.A to the highest quality standard and lowest nano particle size of 99.9999 pure silver in the industry.

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Our famous flavored infused colloidal silver comes in a variety of flavor including: Caramel, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Strawberry, and many more.

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Our Colloidal Silver is the best you’ll find anywhere. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we will provide a full refund. No questions asked!


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Colloidal Silver

Our Colloidal Silver is made in the USA to the highest standards and the lowest nano particular size.

Try our large variety of flavors in standard (unflavored), sugar free, organic, and sweetened today!

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Structured Distilled Water

The future has arrived. Lectra Labs now manufactures all its colloidal silver using
STRUCTURED distilled water. Using STRUCTURED distilled water makes all other colloidal silvers obsolete, including today’s hydrosol products. Structured colloidal silver is up to 40% more effective.

More Effective

  • We are excited to announce our new 20 ppm colloidal silver. What’s more we are now making both our 10 ppm and 20 ppm CS using STRUCTURED distilled water, making Hydrosol and conventional colloidal silver obsolete. Welcome to the new age, our STRUCTURED colloidal silver is up to 40 percent more effective than ordinary Hydosol and conventional colloidal silver.

More Natural

  • Structured water makes a colloid that is many, many times better than one made with ordinary distilled water! What’s more, this silver colloid, being made from a water that more closely resembles the water found within your body and its cells, is assimilated much more rapidly and thoroughly – and is thus, more effective.

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At Lectra Labs, we want everyone to experience the amazing health benefits of Colloidal Silver.  That’s why we have created the safest and finest Colloidal Silver available today at an affordable price!  We have re-invented the way Colloidal Silver is made with our industry leading flavored infused products.  No more unpleasant metallic aftertastes!  With our 35+ flavors, you are certain to find exactly what your looking for.  Click below to read our full story.

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Purchase 9 gallons in any 12 month period and the 10th gallon is on us, including shipping.

Purchase a 32 oz. bottle and we will include a free 1 oz. jar of Cashmere Hands skin conditioner ($9.00 value).

Purchase two (2) 32 oz. bottles and we will include a free 4 oz. jar of Cashmere Hands skin conditioner ($35.00 value).


I tend to travel a lot, and it never fails, 5-10 days after I get home, I come down with something. I would have a sinus infection, sore throat, or some other ailment, that would remain for days, or even weeks. I tried immune boosters before flying and they never worked. I made sure I was hydrated, and that never worked. It became so bad, that I dreaded getting on a plane, for fear I knew I would get sick. I am cognizant of my health, I attend the gym on a regular basis, and are mindful of what I eat, so there should be no reason of getting sick every time I fly.

I was introduced to Colloidal Silver and thought I would give it a try. I’m glad I did, not only have I remained healthy after flying, but I didn’t even get sick through the flu season this year. Every morning, after I wake up I pour a 1 ounce glass of Lectra Labs CS to remain healthy. When I start to feel stuffed up, or get a sore throat, I take an extra ounce at night, and make sure to gargle it for a few seconds, which immediately relieves the sore throat.

This is definitely one daily task I never forget to do. I’m grateful to have found Lectra Labs Colloidal Silver

Cashmere Hands is out of this world! I absolutely hate greasy lotion, but unfortunately my hands split like crazy in the winter so I am forced to use lotion. This hand cream dries in a matter of seconds and works phenomenally!! Highly, highly recommended!

Bob Ventura

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It's cold and flu season! 

Did you know that colloidal silver boosts your immune system and can stop the cold and flu virus in its tracks?